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Dedicated to the Universal Mother


Life-Light Readings

with Serena Whitehawk

Using sacred healing gifts, Serena will assist you in seeing your life path more clearly. Serena is a life-long intuitive and empath who uses healing arts, such as Vibrational Healing, Tarot Spirit Cards and Chi Gong, with wisdom from Jungian and Native American traditions. She has practiced alternative and complimentary forms of Healing for more than 30 years. Through this guided session, clients will experience positive outcomes and clear direction.

“Living Life in Light” Guided Sessions:

The sessions include deep Meditation, bringing in Spiritual Guidance Consultation, Emotional release, Blessings and follow up.

Blessings and Love


(805) 646-9432

P.O. Box 844, Ojai, CA 93024



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